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           According to Tencent Technology,2019年11month27day,Xiaomi Group通告2019Third Quarter Performance Report,xiaomi group 2019Third Quarter Total Revenue536.6100 million yuan,YoY growth5.53%,This is the quarter with the highest total revenue since Xiaomi was founded。

      but,32.1 million phones were shipped in the third quarter of 2019, down slightly from 33.3 million a year earlier. In terms of revenue, mobile phone business revenue was 32.3 billion yuan in the third quarter of 2019, also down from 35 billion yuan in the same period last year. In this light, the phone business has been a drag on the rest of xiaomi's business.


      SimultaneouslyIDCData Display,Xiaomi's smartphone shipments in India in the third quarter1260Million,Compared to the same period last year1170Million growth8.5%,Has maintained the number one shipment for nine consecutive quarters。Compared with the domestic market,Xiaomi's domestic smartphone shipments in the third quarter were970Million。This also means,xiaomi shipped more smartphones in India than in China in the third quarter,India becomes the single country with the largest shipment of Xiaomi。

      As Huawei and other mobile phone manufacturers increase their domestic market share,Xiaomi's domestic pressure is indeed increasing。but,5GThe arrival of technology can be said to be a turning point for Xiaomi,If you can grasp the time,Xiaomi has hope to increase domestic market share,Reshuffle the domestic mobile phone market。

      And according to xiaomi financial disclosure,Xiaomi is pushing hard5GMobile phone development,R&d investment keeps increasing, and xiaomi spent 20100 on r&d in the third quarter of 2019 million yuan,Year-on-year increase32.5%。Xiaomi's third quarter revenue growth rate is5.53%,R & D investment increased year-on-year32.5%,R & D investment growth rate significantly exceeds revenue growth rate,It also means that Xiaomi pays more attention to R & D。

      Chairman and Chairman of Xiaomi GroupCEOLei Jun previously stated,Xiaomi will push hard5GR & D and promotion of mobile phones,plan2020Launched  more than 10 5G mobile phones.


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